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Released September, 2017. Self-published, edition of 100. 52 Pages, hidden staple binding. With a text by Kate Sierzputowski.

CAR PAINTINGS VOL. 1 is the culmination and first installation of an ongoing project that began in 2013. 
The book is comprised of close-up photographs of automobile surfaces that have been dented, scraped, customized and repaired over time. While first focusing on formal elements and "painterly" gestures, the images simultaneously reflect on automotive, cultural, and personal histories. 

"The zeitgeists of changing decades are showcased via  trace elements of automotive design, customizations and repairs made by previous owners, and the environmental effects of the vehicles' various locations. Compiled as an abstract discovery, each found "painting" is presented as a plane of scratches and fumbles, colors touched-up and buffed throughout the years..."

 - From the text by Kate Sierzputowski